Handle Ideas for your Ikea Furniture

Let’s face it, the handles or knobs that come with Ikea furniture are not overly inspiring. You have a few options available to you in order to jazz up the look of your Ikea furniture.

Sometimes, a small change like new handles can make all the difference in turning your Ikea furniture or Ikea kitchen into something amazing.

This is a quick rundown of the best looking Ikea furniture handle alternatives for you. All you need to do is fit them!

Leather Pull Handles

This is our favourite type of replacement handle. Ikea do actually sell these themselves in the kitchen section, which makes things even easier for you!

Leather pull handles add a bit of tactile material to your furniture and look great against strong colours, even white.

We’ve used it all over the house (without going overboard!). Our favourite place is on a pull-down desk in our garden cabin.

The great thing about these type of handles is that they do not protrude too much if you are trying to save a tiny bit of space!

Brass Knobs

There is a huge variety of brass knobs available, I’m thinking I could write several sections on the different types. The idea here, though, is that you can add a touch of elegance with some brass handles instead of the usual uninspiring handles that come with Ikea furniture.

If you’ve already saved a bit of money by getting the Ikea furniture, why not splash out on some gorgeous brass handles to make it look expensive!

We love these hexagonal brass knobs that would look great in a kitchen. Give some continuity to the look by having some hexagonal tiles on the back splash too!

Cup Handles

These work great for a farmhouse look to your Ikea furniture. You can also combine them with locker labels to create an apothecary look.

There’s something really nice about the feel of a cup handle when you open a drawer. It feels solid, dependable and comfortable!

They give a bit of an up-market look to your doors and drawers too, I think!

Bar Handles

The most popular option will be bar handles, which you can get in so many styles. We have some stunning copper bar handles in our kitchen.

Think about what colour the piece of furniture will be and make you choice based on that. If you can choose something contrasting, but complimentary then that will work best.

Hidden Handles

If you don’t actually like the look of handles all that much, but still prefer them to a push-to-open system then you could go for a hidden handle.

These will simply attach to the top of a drawer or door and sit under the lip of the top surface so that you don’t notice them right away.

They don’t have to completely hidden, and these gorgeous hidden handles from Star Hardware Store on Etsy are a great example.

Alternatively, you can get flush chest handles that fold flat so that they don’t stick out, but they are still on view.

Ceramic Knobs

This is where you can get some personality into your Ikea hack. There are so many options when it comes to ceramic knobs.

You could get something traditional, colourful, something related to your favourite super hero all made into a ceramic knob.

You can even make your own, all you need to do is mould some air dry clay around a door knob bolt and then when it’s dry, paint it however you like!

DIY Anything Handles!

Along similar lines, you can use anything as a door knob. One of my favourites is toy dinosaurs for a children’s chest of drawers.

As long as you can attach a bolt to it, you can use it as a door or drawer knob on your Ikea hack!

You can do this with a wood to metal dowel screw. These have a thread like a wood screw on one end and a bolt-type thread on the other. You screw the wood thread into whatever you are using as a knob and then the bolt end can be used to attach the knob to a door or drawer.

Sometimes all you need to do to a piece of Ikea furniture is change the handles and you have a completely different look!

I think there are several options here that you can use to upgrade your furniture. Let’s face it, it doesn’t just have to be Ikea furniture.

We’ve used several of these options in our own home.

It goes back to the point of spending a little bit more in the right places to have a big impact to the overall look.

Do you have any exciting handles in your home?

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