Furniture Legs that will Transform Your Ikea Products

Ikea furniture doesn’t always need legs to be added, but it’s usually the case that they really make a difference. Take the Ikea Rast chest of drawers. It has a flat bottom that sits on the floor as it is. If you raise that up with some simple legs, it totally transforms the look of it into something much more stylish, taller and with more presence.

Let’s show you this visually. Here is a side by side comparison of the Rast in it’s original state and then transformed by Sincerely, Marie Designs with some paint and some legs. We’re concentrating on the legs!

With the legs, it goes from student furniture to something so much more.

But what options do you have available to you if you want to do something like this? We’re going to have a look at 8 legs that you could fit to you Ikea furniture to stop it looking like student furniture!

Tapered Mid Century Modern Legs

As we saw in the Rast hack at the top, mid century tapered legs look great on a piece of Ikea furniture. They are so elegant and can literally make anything look like a mid century modern piece just by being there!

You can get these new or used, just make sure you get a fixing bracket with it.

There are so many variations, with straight tapered, angled, metal tipped, different heights for different purposes and different finishes.

A great place to get them is Legs4Furniture on Etsy.

TipToe Legs

These are incredibly stylish. They simply clamp on to a corner of a tabletop and give a very modern, unique look to a piece of furniture.

Tiptoe legs can be a bit expensive though. So save this for a special project!

Copper Pipe Legs

A great DIY option is to get some copper pipe, some fitting and some glue and create your own custom legs.

You can then do whatever you like. You can get pipe fittings that will secure your copper pipe to the underneath of the furniture too, just go to a plumbers merchant and ask them what will work.

If you want to make the job more secure and have a go at soldering, all you need is a blow torch, lead-free solder and some flux. All of these are available at a DIY store.

Here’s a great video on how to do simple soldering.

Hairpin Legs

These are my favourite type of leg to use on furniture. They also give a mid century vibe, but are not exclusively related to that style. You can create a great modern industrial look with them too.

They also come in a lot of variations. The coating on the legs can be a whole range of differnet colours, the legs can have two or three bars making up the structure, you can choose the length you need.

Try the Hairpin Leg Company on Etsy.

Bun Feet

The most basic style of furniture legs, bun feet are simple a round wooden ball that fix to the bottom of your furniture to give it a bit of extra height.

They don’t quite have the style of some of the other options here, but simply by raising the furniture up it makes a big difference!

Queen Anne Legs

For something a little more traditional, Queen Anne legs can turn your Ikea furniture into something completely different!

These elegant legs can be used on modern furniture quite happily and give a wonderful mix of modern and traditional which is a great technique to add a bit more interest to something.

Square Metal Legs

If you want to add a bit of industrial style to your Ikea furniture, think about some chunky square metal legs such as these from ThreeOFour on Etsy.

These would be great for a table, but smaller ones could be used for dressers, cabinets, etc. You could even make some out of wood and paint them black or grey to get the same look.


Castors are such an easy way to transform both the loo and function of a piece of Ikea furniture. There are so many options too.

Large industrial castors could look great on something like a 4×1 Kallax shelf unit to create a mobile tv unit. Alternatively, some delicate gold ball castors on an Ivar cabinet could turn it into a drinks cabinet.

Those are just a few great ideas for furniture legs that could transform your Ikea furniture.

Sometimes all you need to do with a piece of Ikea furniture is to add some legs and you’ve created something brilliant!

Let us know about your own Ikea furniture leg additions, or even where you’ve added legs to other things to make them look better.

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