Make Your Small Bedroom Look Bigger

There’s usually at least one small bedroom in any property, but what if your main bedroom is small. What can you do to make it look bigger?

There are several tricks you can use, you don’t have to move home. It’s often about distraction, decluttering and good design.

Here are some fantastic tips to make sure you don’t get a claustrophobic feeling in your bedroom!

Declutter and Minimalise

Channel your inner Marie Kondo and get rid of everything in your bedroom that doesn’t need to be there. Have a big old declutter and tidy up, create a pile of things you need to have in your bedroom, a pile of things that would be nice to have and then either reassign the rest to another room or get rid.

Once you’ve done this, do a complete deep clean of the room, or if it needs it, redecorate. More on colours next!

Once you know what you need and would like to have in your bedroom you can start planning how they can fit into it.

Choose Lighter Colours

This seems quite an obvious thing, but it’s not just about the wall colours, it’s bedding, curtains, carpet and furniture too!

It doesn’t necessarily all need to be light coloured, but if everything is dark then it will totally reduce the size of your room in your mind.

A feature wall would be fine, better still you could paint the effect of a headboard on the wall behind the bed and do away with a headboard completely to save a little space.

Definitely avoid dark coloured furniture. Any furniture in a small bedroom will be taking away space so making it dark as well will do double damage!

Fit Floor to Ceiling Curtains

This is a great trick to make a space feel bigger. The higher you hang curtains, the further upwards the eye is drawn and it makes a room feel taller.

This is the first of a series of distraction techniques that will help you make your bedroom look bigger. You can’t do anything about the physical size of the room, but you can alter the way you perceive it!

While on the subject of curtains, keep them plain to avoid a fussy pattern making the room look cluttered.

Make a Feature of the Light Fitting

Distraction technique number 2! With a gorgeous, high impact light fitting you can take the eye away from the big issue (lack of space) and concentrate on a beautiful item (the light fitting).

Every time you walk into your bedroom you want to be creating a feeling of pride, and that can be created with something stunning hanging from your ceiling that is projecting a lovely light around the room.

Hang Some Awesome Artwork

Distraction number 3. You can go quite large with a piece of artwork in your bedroom, it’s all about drawing the eye to something gorgeous again.

Combine this with the feature light fitting and you get hit by a one-two impact of distractions that mean you never even consider the size of the room.

Make it look amazing and the size doesn’t matter!

Create Spaces for Regularly Used Items

If you often find you are putting things that you use a lot down (makeup, book, etc) on any available surface then have a specific, well thought out place for them.

A tray is a great way to do this. But don’t just have those items on it, add a small vase of flowers or a plant, a scented candle, make a feature out of it.

If some clutter is unavoidable, make it look contained and purposeful.

Get Creative with Storage

Storage is going to be key in a small bedroom, so make the most of any available storage solution.

  • Get a bed that has built-in under bed storage, or use under bed storage drawers.
  • Dressers are preferable to wardrobes so as not to impact the space at eye level.
  • If you have bedside tables, make sure they are doing their bit with some form of storage.
  • Create a jewellery cabinet out of a picture frame, this will hide your jewellery away without creating any new storage space.

Create the Right Wardrobe Space

If you need wardrobe space, go for built-in across the whole of one wall. You will take some space away but it will feel like you’ve taken less space away than a freestanding wardrobe would. You can make it shallow and hang clothes on hooks rather than on rails.

If you can’t do that and still leave space for your bed, try building around the bed in a stylish way. This way you can also build alcoves to act as bedside tables into it.

Use Rugs to Tie a Space Together

Rugs are a great way to tell our minds how a space works. If you place a rug under the foot of a bed and extend it out into the rest of the room it brings everything together to make it a cohesive space.

Use Mirrors as an Illusion

Adding a mirror or two around the room will reflect light around and give the illusion of more space.

If you are unsure about the size of a mirror for a small room, go big! it will actually make your room feel bigger and will mean you are not struggling for the right angle to look at yourself (which would also make you feel like you’re in a small room!)

There are loads of great tricks to make your room feel bigger than it actually is. Don’t be afraid to go back to basics, get everything out of your room and start from scratch, think every aspect through.

From decoration to soft furnishings and storage, everything has an impact when it’s a small space.

But if you do the right things, you can really maximise what little space you have!

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